Company 02
One-off project
Richmond, US
Worldwide remote
$100 per long form video. $125 for long form + short.
Within a month
6 months ago
Hi my name is Sean and I've been a content creator for less than a year now and I'm starting to see a lot of growth on my channel recently. I'm pivoting away from comedic short form to vlog/documentary content in 2024. I have a wife and kid so I don't have time to edit myself. Feel free to look at some of my recent shorts and long form to get an idea of the channel. 

I will post one vlog a week on various topics and need that footage cut into a 10-15 minute engaging vlog. I don't like a lot of noisy effects and over the top editing. I like editing style of Casey Neistat and Ryan Trahan. Just clean editing and good storytelling. 

This is going to be a per gig basis until you have have proven you can give me projects on time and I like your style. Then we can explore a full time role where you will be the head editor on 3 channels. 5 % CTR gets a $50 dollar bonus. AVD 80% or higher gets a 100 dollar bonus. 

If views go over 10k (long form), 20 dollar bonus. Views over 50k (long form) 100 dollars. Views over 100k 200 dollars. Over 1 million, $500. I have a lot of capital to grow the channel, I just need a reliable editor. This channel is going to explode in 2024, and I want you to be a part of it! If you think you're a good fit, let me know.