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Photo of Alexandru Golovatenco
Alexandru Golovatenco, founder of YT.Careers

Hi! 👋 I'm Alexandru. I'm currently building a few online businesses to solve problems that matter to me, and YT.Careers solves one of them:

Helping creators & creative professionals find the right fit to work with

I've been on both sides of the content creation coin:

  • I've looked for jobs because I wanted to work with YouTubers
  • I've seen how other creator friends struggle to find good talent for their business.

And I've built YT Careers to make it easier for creators and talented writers, video editors, and artists to work together by creating a platform where it's easy to find the right fit to work with.

The site is open to all creators and professionals that follow the code of conduct, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or skill level.

Thanks for using my site 👊


If you're interested, here's how I got my first job with a YouTuber.