Company 02
Orlando, US
Synchronous remote
20 days ago
Hello! I am looking for a Video Editor and Thumbnail Designer so that I can take my first steps toward becoming a Content Creator! This YouTube Channel's content revolves around Beyblades! I Battle, Unbox, Review, and do Challenges with them that may have never been seen or thought of before! I look to add a whole new twist to the game with engaging, kid-friendly content that rivals even the best of the current competition!


 I am looking for a Video Editor that can:

  • Apply effective trimming
  • Add good transitions
  • Insert (memes/jokes/sound effects/video clips) that align with the content to add humor
  • Manipulate audio
  • Put fitting background music with clean transitions between audio and music
  • Add their own creative elements to the video
  • Work at an effective pace
  • Effectively communicate their ideas
  • Implement my ideas into their work when requested
  • Design effective thumbnails that engage the viewers
  • Add SFX
  • Add intermittent visual effects

I am looking for an editor that fits my comedic style while also being appropriate for all audiences.

This is a paying gig.