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video editor and social media manager with 4+ years experience

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I'm a video editor and social media manager experienced with creating long and short form content for a variety of social media platforms to increase audience engagement and cpm. Whether you're trying to grow your audience, advertise a product or service, or simply have creative needs that need to be met, I can tailor a solution to your needs.

I specialize in creating engaging content ideas, editing raw footage for use across all major social platforms, editing podcasts and interviews, and building social media strategies for advertisers, educators, and social creators.

Quick Facts;
- Editor for Jay Cutler and other bodybuilding channels
- Knows the Adobe Suite products inside and out
- Passions include cooking and tabletop roleplaying games


  • I CONFRONTED Mike O'Hearn..

    7 months ago • 6.45K views

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    Julius Alexander

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    I confronted Mike O'hearn

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    Collaborated with the creator to turn 4 hours of footage into an engaging youtube video which we then optimized for multiple social media platforms