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Researcher, Scriptwriter, Team Lead, Channel Manager

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  • 5 years of content writing
  • 2 years of scriptwriting for YouTube
  • Multiple videos with 1-2 million views
  • Genres: True crime, fashion, science, celebrities and pop culture, education, business and marketing
  • Worked as a researcher, writer, proofreader, team lead and a channel manager

I believe I am a good fit because I am:
- A storyteller
- A researcher
- A creative thinker

Most writers fulfill the above criteria. However, when it comes to web content, I have a clear mission. I write about the journey from keyword stuffing to traffic jam. The strategies that help me write top-notch content are as follows:

  • Lock the Key-words: Primary/secondary keywords, niche-specific topics and ideal (informative) content.

  • For-Matt: Content designed for a consumer (Client is always right) with readable catchy and comprehensive format.

  • The Alt-ernative Way: Image Optimization, visual touch, and appropriate tags.

  • Content & Intent: Intent of the content has to be problem-solving and engagement building.

With the right strategies in hand and a clear vision, I am always excited to join a team that will help me learn, grow and let my creative juices overflow.

  • My creative ideas will blow your mind, promise!
  • Success guaranteed