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I taught myself to a post-graduate level in biology with a focus on Immunology.

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I am a passionate bioscience writer/researcher can write for any audience to both inform and engage, and I can consume new therapeutic areas and topics with ease. My writing has included esoteric topics such as Directed Evolution and a clinical trial review post on the use of ERBB-2 in chimeric antigen receptor t-cell therapy.

I taught myself to a post graduate level of knowledge in biology with a focus on Immunology. My studies also included all the grounding subjects such as Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Developmental Biology, along with Protein Structure and Function.

Soon after I started studying Immunology, I decided to take time off from my professional career to focus on research and philanthropic endeavors. During this time, I read and watched 100s of papers and lectures on Immunotherapy and targeted cancer therapies as well as reading Janeway's Immunobiology. From that research I devised a novel targeted cancer therapy platform and proposed it in a paper that was published in Elsevier's Drug Discovery Today. During the peer review process, the platform I proposed was noted as novel as was the method I used to derive it. (Intracellular caspase-modulating chimeric antigen receptor - ScienceDirect)

I have been published a few times including in Elsevier's Drug Discovery Today. I spent years studying and performing de novo drug discovery research in Immunology, targeted cancer therapies, and protein engineering. I've edited manuscripts that were published by Pfizer and I've written on therapeutics, including an on-target, off-tissue clinical trial analysis involving a chimeric antigen receptor. I also co-founded a nonprofit to raise money for a promising anti-viral therapeutic