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Aspiring content consultant and scriptwriter.

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Hello, my name is Grace. I’m a 29 year-old woman, and I’ve been addicted to YouTube for 16 years. My potential has been wasted, my brain cells have diminished, and I now seek compensation.

I realize that as these damages are paid I must serve the community. Remarkably, my skills have not stagnated entirely. My rotted brain cells rubbed themselves together enough to get an under-appreciated degree. I’ve had to pry my eyes from the screen to earn income to exist and therefore consume.

Then it occurred to me: Why not earn this income by reciprocating the cognitive deterioration? I could outline content ideas and write scripts for creators like my enablers. Some of these degenerates are Drew Gooden, iNabber, nickisnotgreen, Jarvis Johnson, PsychIRL, CalebCity, Dan & Phil, and WheezyWaiter. The list could span years, continents…but these showcase the particular topics, formats, and humor I can do best.

If you are intrigued, TAP that LinkedIn and HIT that portfolio. And don’t forget to SMASH that Hire Me button!