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Embarking on my third year as a multimedia arts student, I've immersed myself in the vibrant world of visual creativity, accruing valuable experience over the past year within the photo and video creatives industry. My focus? Video editing—a craft I've embraced wholeheartedly. Now, as I seek a part-time role in this field, I'm fueled by a fervent desire to not only apply my burgeoning expertise but to continually refine and expand upon it.

In my start as a newbie editor, I've put in tons of time perfecting one thing: making catchy captions for videos. Every minute I've spent tweaking footage and smoothing transitions has taught me a lot about visual storytelling. I'm super passionate about it, and it pushes me to make sure every project I handle doesn't just meet but totally blows away expectations, connecting deeply with viewers.

Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Pro 2024
email: [email protected]