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My name's Nic and I'm 23 years old. I was born in South Africa but moved to the UK for university - I now live in London.

Since I was 9 or 10 I've been fascinated with YouTube and how its content has evolved over the years. I started a gaming channel at 11, but my interest in gaming faded during my teens and therefore so did the channel. Nevertheless, that experience greatly honed my video editing skills.

I now run a YouTube channel named "Gonzo" that covers obscure events and the people who attend them. To determine if my content, style and approach to YouTube is a correct match for you, I recommend watching my "Gloucester Cheese Rolling" or "Forbidden Forest Drum & Bass Festival" video.

I have a very demanding day job which stops me from creating content and video editing. I would like to eventually make YouTube my fulltime job and I'm looking to contribute to the industry any way I can.

I will gladly assist with the editing/writing/planning of your videos or anything else you need assistance with. I just want to network with and be around creative individuals who try to create exciting and interesting content that is loved by many.

Please reach out! I'd love to connect with people who have similar aspirations.