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Graphic designer specializing in digital assets, mockups and anything Photoshop

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My name is John (he/they) and I am a Graphic Designer looking for a unique and fun creator to work with. I have a BFA in Animation and a strong focus in Illustration and Graphic Design.

Since 2022 I've been the Senior Art Director for a small business that focused on creating custom portraits for thousands of clients across the US. During this journey I created thousands of portraits, edited hundreds and photos, mastered Photoshop and Illustrator, created hundreds of digital assets for web, product mockups, graphics for advertising, TikTok videos, content for Instagram and more, and I even created a training program for my direct reports to learn our unique design process. I owned interviewing, hiring, and training our artists so that they were well equipped for our fast turnaround time and high print per hour average standard. I also managed calendars, scheduling meetings, data sheets, file organization, and setting files up for print and production.

My skillsets are unique and crafted for high-volume output. I was dubbed the "Photoshop Wizard" by the CEO of the company and I intend to own that title during my future career endeavors!

Fun fact: I have created portraits for several influencers and celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Sia, and Jenna Ushkowitz.