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Experienced editor, animator and voiceover over here 😊

I've been editing for many years now, mainly via Adobe CC suite. I started out making screen-recorded tutorials for corporates and SaaS startups via Upwork. Through this, I got a long-term position making the same for Corel, which soon allowed me to expand to marketing videos and brand promotions with large reach. This taught me stock selection, scriptwriting, pacing - and honed my VO skills further.

From there I bounced into socials ads through gigs with marketing agencies, and I got very familiar with After Effects and short-form video.

This led me to where I am now - a gun for hire with experience from editing mini-docs from client supplied footage, right through to animating my own stop-motion music video about a self-repairing robot.

With a passion for history, I've recently made a few video essays for Youtube channels in the history niche which is an area I'd like to explore more. I've also played around with asset creation in AI portals, and animating the results in AE.

But in general, I just love making videos, and consider myself professional, reliable, motivated, and creative.

Sound like I could be a good fit for you? Let's chat 😇