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Inspired by fashion, motivated by love and powered by Faith.

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Your origin story:
I grew up in a family of four, raised by a single mom who couldn't always afford to buy us new clothes, so we thrifted a lot. While at the time it was a chore, eventually it became a passion of mine. Every thrift trip became a challenge to find treasures and i always came home with pieces that i'd personally picked and soon i'd start thrifting for full outfits. My friends and i also traded clothes and lended each-other pieces. By the time i was in my late teens and early twenties i was thrifting to sell on platforms like Poshmark, Ebay, Offer Up and eventually Depop.

A recent milestone or accomplishment:
A recent milestone in my life is reaching 884 sales on my Depop shop. I started selling vintage thrift finds on the Depop platform a few years ago for fun, i later started taking it seriously and now i have built a stream of income that helps pay for all the fun activities.

Something new you learned:
Iv'e learned that your mind has the power to help you accomplish almost anything, even what seems impossible.

What you're passionate about:
I'm passionate about People, Jesus, creating art in different forms, modeling, fashion and styling.

How you can help where others can't:
I am here for the creatively challenged folks, for those with creative mental blocks. Here for people who have a vision and don't know how to go about it, or those who just need extra hands creating.

Your unique skills that make you awesome:
I make not so beautiful things look beautiful.