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Editing videos for 3 years now from podcasts, gaming videos, short films, shorts, etc

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I have been editing for around 3 years by now. I have worked on all kinds of projects like podcast episodes, gaming videos, shorts/tiktoks, short films, documentaries, school shows, music videos, promotional videos, PSA's, News Broadcast, movies trailers, etc. I have learned my skill from my school Audio Video Production program, working for my church with cameras and video edits, and most of all by working on my vary own video for myself. Some accomplishments I have made along the way is with certifications in digital video in Premier pro and After Effects and also in digital media with Photoshop. I'm passionate about my own YouTube channel and gaming career and helping others with editing is something that I want to do to make some extra money, improve my skills and craft, and also just out of the kindness of my own heart. If you simply don't know how to edit, you do but not that good at it or just need an editor to fill in the time you don't have, I'm here for you.