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Are you a dynamic and passionate video editor with a flair for storytelling? Miquel Gironès Co. is on the lookout for a Long-Form Videos Editor, someone who can bring our YouTube content to life. The ideal candidate will understand the nuances of YouTube video editing, ensuring maximum audience retention through both visual and auditory techniques. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and are armed with a toolkit of advanced video editing techniques, you could be our next team member. 


1. Video Editing & Optimization:
   - Edit long-form video content primarily for YouTube, ensuring it captivates and retains viewer attention.
   - Seamlessly integrate visual and auditory resources, optimizing each video for the platform's audience and algorithm.

2. Advanced Editing Techniques:
   - Apply techniques such as sound design, video masking, and seamless transitions to elevate the content's quality.
   - Craft compelling narratives using effective storytelling techniques.

3. Musical Mastery:
   - Leverage a curated music repertoire to add depth and emotion to the videos.
   - Ensure music selection enhances, rather than distracts, the overall message and feel.

4. Swift Turnaround:
   - Deliver the first version of edits within a strict 48-hour timeframe.
   - Finalize and refine edits, delivering the polished video within 3-4 days.

5. Technical Expertise:
   - Employ color grading techniques to give videos a polished, professional look.
   - Use high-end equipment to ensure fast rendering and top-quality video output.


- Proven experience in editing long-form content, especially for YouTube.
- Mastery in advanced video editing techniques such as sound design, seamless transitions, and video masking.
- Extensive knowledge and experience with video editing software, with the ability to color grade and render high-quality videos efficiently.
- Demonstrated ability to work swiftly, delivering first edits within 48 hours and final products in 3-4 days.
- Ownership of, or access to, powerful editing equipment capable of handling intensive tasks.
- Strong sense of storytelling, understanding the rhythm, and pacing required to keep YouTube audiences engaged.
- An impressive portfolio that showcases editing skills, creativity, and understanding of the YouTube platform.